Some stuff that is really helping me on my quest/journey, in no particular order or preference.

Awareness – Anthony De Mello

Sadhana, A Way To God – Anthony De Mello

Wellsprings – Anthony De Mello

The Song Of The Bird – Anthony De Mello

Anthony De Mello

Walden – Henry David Thoreau

The Quest For The Overself – Paul Brunton

The Short Path To Enlightenment – Paul Brunton

The Gnostic Gospels – ???

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu

Leaves Of Grass – Walt Whitman

What Is Self? – Bernadette Roberts

The Path To No Self – Bernadette Roberts

The Story Of A Soul: The Autobiography Of St. Therese Of Liseux – St. Therese Of Lisieux

Interior Castle – St. Teresa Of Avila

The Way Of Perfection – St. Teresa Of Avila

Selected Writings – Meister Eckhart

Mirror Of Simple Souls – Marguerite Porete

Marguerite Porete, burned at the stake for her book “Mirror of Simple Souls’

The Kundalini Guide – Bonnie Greenwell PhD

When Spirit Leaps – Bonnie Greenwell PhD

The Awakening Guide – Bonnie Greenwell PhD

The Deep Heart – John J. Prendergast PhD

Emptiness Dancing – Adyashanti

The End Of Your World – Adyashanti

Falling Into Grace – Adyashanti

Resurrecting Jesus – Adyashanti

The Essential Rumi – Rumi

Letting Go – David R. Hawkins MD PhD

Meister Eckharts Living Wisdom – James Finley

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind – Shunryu Susuki

The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Enlightenment Trilogy – Jed McKenna